ABOUT LKS Printing & Imaging

LKS is a fast growing company in recycling and refilling printer cartridges. The advancement technology has led us to create the most reliable and successful printer cartridge with more environmental protection.

Our goals are to provide you an environmentally sound, economical solution to the growing costs of replacing printer cartridges. A recycled printer cartridge which is recharge with toner can be resold for approximately half the price of a new original toner, thus, providing substantial saving with equal function. Additionally, it helps reduce the wastage and protect the environment.

To serve you better, we strive to provide best performance imaging supplies which their quality similar to original equipment manufactured supplies. Our extensive range of testing equipment is further assurance of our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction.

LKS collaborate closely with our clients to reduce and recycle millions of used printer cartridges needlessly end up in landfill. We provide this alternative so that you can opt for printer cartridges which support sustainable development for our country's and planet's resources. Every cartridge refilled is one less cartridge going to landfill, that's the choice you can feel proud of. Go Green with LKS!

Worldwide Environmental Facts & Figures

Each empty laser cartridge contributes about 2.5 pounds (0.48kg) in landfill waste.
Source: The Recycler, April, 24, 2007.

Each inkjet cartridge contributes about 1 ounce (0.012kg) in landfill waste
Source: Clover Technologies Group White Paper Remanufacturing, The Best Solution for the Environment

Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 2.5 pounds (0.48kg) of metal and plastic waste to our landfills
Source: International Imaging Technology Council
http://www.consumerchoice.info/faq.htm, October 2008

Each cartridge can take up to 1,000 years to decompose
Source: International Imaging Technology Council
http://www.consumerchoice.info/faq.htm, October 2008

The plastic in each new laser toner cartridge takes three and a half quarts (approx. 15.91 liters) of oil to produce while each new inkjet cartridge requires two and a half ounces (~ 70 ml) of oil.
Source: Recharger Magazine (no further info)