FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

About LKS Premium Toner Cartridge

Will LKS Premium Toner Cartridges suffer from quality problems?

  • LKS is using latest technology to deliver high performance quality toner cartridge that you can trust.
  • LKS provide the best toner specifically designed for each individual laser cartridge and replace all toner cartridge wearing parts.
  • All LKS Premium Toner Cartridge will be tested under strict procedures before the product release to market.
  • The ratio is 1/1000 (0.001% quality problem due to manufacturing defects)

Will LKS Premium Toner Cartridge get the same printed pages number compare with Original Toner Cartridge?

  • LKS Premium Toner Cartridge 100% guaranteed to receive same printing counter Original Toner Cartridge.
  • Apart of that, LKS Premium Monochrome Toner Cartridge will deliver up to 25% Extra Printing.

Will LKS Toner Cartridge Damage your printer?

  • NO, unless the Printer Manufacturer production problem.

Using LKS Premium Toner Cartridge will void your Printer Manufacture's Warranty?

  • Printer Manufacturers Can't Void Your Printer Warranty simply for using compatible cartridges.
  • HP as a U.S company, The U.S Federal Trade Commission protects the rights of consumers to purchase the product or service of their choice under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section, 101.
  • Example: Buying a new car from a Car Manufacturer, will they ask to fill up your car petrol with particular brand? If not, warranty will be void?

Is LKS Premium Toner Cartridges really environmentally sound?

  • Most LKS Toner Cartridges will be collected back and remanufactured, refilled or reloaded to overcome and reduce wasted cartridges which increasing 12% annually.
  • By bringing the used cartridges to LKS, you can help protect Malaysia's environment.
  • Please call this number for collecting Used Cartridge 03-61484822 (Every cartridge recycled is one less cartridge going to landfill, that's the choice you can feel proud of! )

Why LKS Premium Toner Cartridge?

  • LKS Premium Toner Cartridges perform same quality as well as original cartridge.
  • Using LKS Premium Toner Cartridge help to reduce cost of 30% compare with Original Cartridge selling price.

Is LKS Premium Toner as good as Original Toner?

  • LKS premium toners using similar chemical and physical properties as the original toner.
  • Our toner are specially formulated for almost every different cartridge brand.