FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

About LKS Company

What are the benefit for LKS's user?

  • LKS provides after sales services for it user.
  • Free on-site checking due to printing error.

What are the Warranty LKS provides?

  • Using LKS Premium Toner Cartridge will NOT invalidate user printer's warranty. So, relax and enjoy making the cost savings.
  • In the unlikely event that LKS Premium Toner Cartridge caused damage to the user printing mechanism, please contact LKS with proof of purchase, we will provide a qualified service technician to address any issues.
  • Provides one to one exchange for the user if LKS Premium Toner Cartridge defects within 30days.

Does LKS provide printer maintenance or repairing service?

  • Yes, Maintenance or Repairing Service charges depend on the location and printer models. Please call LKS for the best quote.

Will a loan unit printer be provided by LKS when user printer is taken back for repair?

  • Most of the repairing will be done on-site. Unless there is no replacement part.

Does LKS give warranty after printer parts have replaced?

  • All printer parts come with a 1 months warranty against manufacturing defects.